Availability and funding of clinical genomic sequencing globally

Just a quick post to share details of a new paper that was published yesterday in BMJ Global Health.

Phillips KA, Douglas MP, Wordsworth S, et al Availability and funding of clinical genomic sequencing globally BMJ Global Health 2021;6:e004415. Link

This is the latest ouput from the Global Economics and Evaluation of Clinical Genomics Sequencing (GEECS) Working Group, of which I am a founding member.

Our aim in this paper was to examine genome sequencing availability across world regions and countries, using three exemplar countries (UK, Canada, USA) to identify data gaps & funding challenges for implementation. We found that these tests are available or becoming available in every major region of the world, with growing availability in countries with upper-middle-income economies. We conclude by assessing what type of data and initiatives will be needed to better track and understand the use of NGS around the world as such testing continues to expand.