The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues surrounding the health economic analysis of genomic technologies. Hopefully this blog encourages health economists with an interest in this area to share ideas and discuss the various challenges that arise when applying standard health economic methods in this interesting and rapidly evolving field.

The aim is to consider these challenges from the perspective of health economics, but contributors from all backgrounds with a general interest in this area are more than welcome, so please get involved and comment on the articles posted on this blog. Healthy debate is welcome! If you would like to submit your own posts, please use the contact form to discuss this possibility further. Feedback is also appreciated via the same contact form.

The blog is hosted here on WordPress, but you can also follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

A little bit about me

My name is James Buchanan and I’m a health economist based at the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC), University of Oxford. I’ve been working in Oxford since 2005 on a variety of projects, the vast majority of which have been related in some way to genetics or genomics (more info here). I have recently completed a DPhil (PhD) investigating issues related to the economic analysis of genomic diagnostic technologies. Needless to say, this blog does not necessarily reflect the views of HERC or the University of Oxford.


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