New publications in health economics and genomics 8th March 2022

Five publications from the past week:

  • The Net Benefit of Personalized Medicine: A Systematic Literature Review and Regression Analysis | link
  • Multicancer Screening Tests: Anticipating And Addressing Considerations For Payer Coverage And Patient Access | link
  • Medical costs of children admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit: The role and possible economic impact of WES in early diagnosis | link
  • Cost-effectiveness of population-wide genomic screening for Lynch syndrome in the United States | link
  • Value of whole-genome sequencing to Australian cancer patients and their first-degree relatives participating in a genomic sequencing study | link

I’m happy to share any other publications from this week that I’ve missed – just let me know. I publish these updates weekly, on a Tuesday, but only if I’ve seen relevant publications. If you don’t see an update on a Tuesday, assume it has been a quiet week for publications in health economics and genomics.

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