HERC database of health economics and genomics studies launched today

An increasing number of qualitative and quantitative research papers in health economics and genomics have been published in recent years. To keep track of these publications, and to have a useful summary of available publications at hand, researchers at HERC have set up a database of health economics and genomics studies. I have helped to set up this database, as has Sarah Wordsworth, but a first-year PhD student, Patrick Fahr, has undertaken most of the hard work and should receive the lion’s share of the credit!

Database screenshot 09May18

Briefly, the publications included in this database were identified using a scoping review. This review did not address a specific research question, nor did it encompass the quality assessment of selected papers. Each of the included papers has been categorised by “Type” of publication. We distinguish between papers that focus on methods, (systematic) reviews, economic evaluations, other applied works, and commentaries. In addition, authors that have been particularly active in the field of health economics and genomics are integrated into the database in a way that simplifies the search for author-specific publications (the profile and affiliation of each author can be found at the bottom of the table).

In total the database includes 413 publications from 56+ authors. You can read more about the database and download version 1.0 here. If you use this database as a data source for a published paper or report, please cite the database as follows:

Fahr P, Buchanan J, Wordsworth S. 2018. HERC database of health economics and genomics studies, Version 1.0 (Last updated 30.04.2018). Available at www.herc.ox.ac.uk

As the included papers were identified using a scoping review, the database may not include every paper in health economics and genomics. If a relevant paper is missing from the database, please do pass this information on to Patrick Fahr (patrick.fahr@dph.ox.ac.uk). The current version (1.0) is based on a search conducted in April 2018 and the database will be updated quarterly.

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